A Unique Day Retreat for Christian Couples

Comprehensive Childbirth Preparation
Prepare spiritually, physically,
and mentally for birth & baby.

Jeanelle Troncone A.C.E. - “The Mother of Comfort”
Founder of C.F.C.E. - Childbirth and Family Christian Education
Professional Childbirth Instructor and Doula
Educated over 1,000 Couples, Attended over 200 Births

Saturdays 9:00am - 5:30pm

Register Early - Retreat size is limited

Location: Cardiff -by-the-Sea

What others are saying about the retreat:

“The Miracle of Birth Retreat was the most
insightful and helpful birth instruction out of all the birth education that we looked into in our community and
hospital. Not only did we leave the retreat feeling
much more educated and confident about the birth
and delivery process, we felt closer spiritually as a
couple and empowered to have a Christ centered birth.”
“After the birth of our baby, we were positive that this
seminar education worked effectively for us and was
very practical in application.”
“We had the best birth experience & highly recommend
this retreat to all of our friends!”


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